Carla Kirk

Behaviour Consultation services


My fee is $100 an hour, plus $25 and hour one way travel time for distances over 30 minutes away. 

Types of Services Provided

I provide the following services to families with children aged 18 months to 18 years:

  • Conducting consultation visits with the child, family, and other team members.
  • Writing consultation notes.
  • Conducting formal assessments.
  • Writing Behavioural Plans of Intervention (BPI), often based on assessment results.
  • Running BPI meetings to discuss assessment results and determine the family’s priority goals.
  • Implementing, monitoring, and adjusting goals.
  • Training new Behaviour Interventionists (BIs).
  • Providing continued observation and feedback to BIs.
  • Conducting Functional Behaviour Assessments to determine the function of problem behaviour.
  • Designing strategies to decrease problem behaviour.
  • Running team meetings.
  • Conducting school visits.
  • Writing school visit consultation notes.
  • Creating and implementing the use of visual aids and social stories.
  • Creating and/or providing data sheets.
  • Communicating through email and phone calls.
  • Providing video conferencing.
  • Researching resources and information.
  • Other services may be provided upon request.