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Education and Training

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. I have also taken specific coursework in behaviour modification and applied behaviour analysis from the University of Manitoba and specific coursework in autism from Capilano University.

I have received formal training in Reference and Regulate, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training, and First Aid. I have attended workshops on Social Thinking, dealing with problem behaviour, and supporting children who are slower responders.



I have 12 years of experience working in the field of autism as a Behaviour Interventionist, with over 100 different children ages 2 to 16. 5 of those years have been spent working as a Senior Behaviour Interventionist. Under the supervision of a Level A (Master’s Level) BCBA Behaviour Consultant, I have received specific training in the skills required to become a Behaviour Consultant. I have been on Autism Community Training’s Registry of Autism Service Providers list* as a Level B (Bachelor’s Level) Behaviour Consultant since April 2016.

Through my years of work in the field of autism I have gained much experience running programs based on applied behaviour analysis and natural environment teaching; collaborating with multidisciplinary teams; building strong, cooperative relationships with children and families; dealing with problem behaviours; teaching children play, social, academic, language, self-help, and self-regulation skills; creating, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting goals specific to each individual child; training and teaching staff; conducting assessments; writing reports; running meetings; creating and implementing visual aids and social stories; using and creating data sheets; and collaborating with daycare centres, preschools, schools etc.

As autism often occurs alongside other disorders, I also have experience working with children who have PDD-NOS, ADHD, FAS, down syndrome, angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy, rett syndrome, OCD, and anxiety disorders.

Behaviour Consultation services

Carla Kirk